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Visual communication

I work with start-ups and established businesses that are developing or rebranding, to identify and define their brand in visual-terms, creating create logos and other visuals that generate the desired impression with their customers and message for their business.

There’s great satisfaction in creating a successful and memorable logo that works across multiple formats and hits-the-mark for the client’s vision of their company.

Creative design for print, artwork and advertising

It can be a noisy place, advertising. To be seen and heard above the kaleidoscopic shouting, it’s often what isn’t said that stands out. The gap in the conversation, the pause for breath; for some, this din is a roadblock on the pathway to growth. For me, it’s an opportunity to silence the room.

Working with you to create the concept, execution and call to action that demands attention is why I love helping you find your voice. The results will speak for themselves.

Website design, management and hosting

My clients might be creating the first website for their business – with ideas and requirements but little content and the need for guidance; or updating a tired website with lack of functionality to something that better reflects the needs of their customers. I can update your content, provide editorial services, provide stock or bespoke photography, host your website, email and domains and manage any issues and updates.

Photography and video

I have over a decade of experience as a professional commercial photographer, working as a stand-alone discipline, or integrated as an addition to other graphic design services. Wildman Design can provide product photography, either in studio or on location, provide corporate headshots, product photography and photograph business or sporting events. I also create professionally produced and edited videos for YouTube and other marketing channels.


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03 about

Graphic design, web development and photography...

I can help you add value to your business, engage with your audience and build your reputation.


I work with individuals and small to medium size businesses that are seeking to enhance their impression, reach and interaction with their customers; sometimes developing one element, sometimes enhancing and improving all aspects of the business-to-customer visual engagement. I invest time to understand each client’s business and needs so we can establish a productive and long-lasting relationship where I can be responsive delivering high-quality value.


I partner graphic design with professional photography, frequently generating the photographic content for the websites and the artwork that I am commissioned to create.


04 contact

Tel: 01993 850 705  Mob: 07818 023 211

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